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Old and rare vintage wine
The great vintages of legendary producers

Find old and rare wine of a special year or vintage from the most famous wine regions Bordeaux and Piemont.

Every vintage wine has optimal level, color, label and cork.
Great for yourself, or as a gift for a great occasion that keeps on giving for family friends or business partners. You can be secure in the knowledge you are giving a high quality, hand selected wine, sure to please any wine drinker.

Delivery worldwide. Select directly your vintage wine:
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Our old wines are often purchased directly from the cellars of famous wineries. Only after carefully scrutinizing the storage conditions and examing the bottles do we put these up for sale. The bottles are usually available in small quantities since the wines are hard to find.

Only perfect storeged wine bottles in perfect conditions are interesting as old vintage wines. The level of the old wine has to be base neck, very top shoulder or top shoulder.
Very important is a healthy color of the old vintage wine. And finally: discount wines don't have the potential to grow becoming older.
In our cellar you find of course the first growth wines like Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Latour. Very good to drink are also old vintage wines from classified Bordeaux Chateaux: there are a lot of Grand Cru Classé wines from Medoc, Saint Emilion and Pomerol.
The same quality have the most famous wines from Piemont: Barolo and Barbaresco.

Rare wine from old vintage Wine of every year from Bordeaux and Piemont. Birthday wine

The Bordeaux classification: the 1855 classification in Bordeaux, which looked not only at the red wines of the Médoc but also the wines of Sauternes, was drawn up for the Exposition Universelle de Paris of 1855. This grand exhibition, the brainchild of Emperor Napoleon III, was intended to showcase the best of all that was France. The exhibition was an elaborate vehicle for boosting trade, and wine was just a small part of it.
Napoleon III, having decided that the great wines of Bordeaux should be featured in the exhibition, asked the brokers of the region to draw up a list of properties ranked into five groups according to quality. But quality is perhaps rather nebulous, and the pragmatic businessmen decided to rank the wines according to price, which no doubt seemed to those charged with the task to be an appropriate surrogate. Although intended as a listing for the Exposition Universelle the classification of 1855 becomes the benchmark for top quality wines.

The old wines are on our own stock, ready for immediate delivery.
Rare wine from every year: wine year 1943. Wine year 1953.Wine year 1963. Wine year 1968. Wine year 1973. Wine year 1978. Wine year 1983. Wine year 1988. Wine year 1993.


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