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Vintage gift wines
The great vintages of the eighties

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Terra e sole offers you access to some of the greatest wines.

Sassicaia and Tignanello from Tuscany, Barbaresco Gaja and Marchesi di Barolo from Piedmont, Chateau Margaux and the other Grand Crus from Bordeaux, are only some of the labels you can find in the following pages.

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Vintage gift wines bottles are often irreplaceable.

Vintage wines are much sought-after by collectors and amateurs.
 As years go, vintage wines developed themselves toward more balanced in which the terroir and the winemaker skills can be fully expressed.

The most interesting vintages of the eighties for wine collectors are:

Bordeaux:1980 - A rather good year. Average quantity. A deep, well-developed colour. A rather discreet bouquet of very ripe fruit. Light, round and tender structure with an attractive, very aromatic finish

Italy: 1980 - A very good year. Wine with intense perfume, full-bodied, superbe balance, vibrant, consistent quality.
Bordeaux: 1982 - An exceptional year. Very abundant quantity. A very deep colour, little developed. The bouquet does not reveal itself at once. The wine has much in store. On aeration, rich hints of very ripe fruit and spices develop. In the mouth, the wine is extremely dense and is perfectly harmonious but it does not yet express itself fully. The tannin is very well absorbed. May be drunk now but it can wait.

Italy: 1982 - An exceptional year. A full- bodied wine, with a superb balance, a wonderful structure and a powerful caracter. A complex bouquet of crystallized aromas. May still be kept for several years.

Bordeaux:1983 - A very good year. Abundant quantity. An intense colour, rather well-developed. A well-developed, expressive bouquet, woody, resin with hints of green pepper. In the mouth, the tannins are well-developed and absorbed. A refreshing finish. To be drunk now.

Bordeaux:1985 - A hot dry summer. September and October had intense sunshine. Perfect harvesting, and perfectly ripe grapes. A colour only slightly developed. A powerful bouquet of red fruits, vanilla and cedar wood. A superb attack in the mouth, full of fruit, which opens out to a full structure. Fleshy. Rich and full of body. Very pleasant today.

Italy: 1985 - An exceptional year. Well balanced in the mouth with melting, elegant tannins. A wonderfully deep, concentrated wine. A long and well-structured flavour. May still be kept for several years.

Bordeaux:1986 - A vintage marked by a great lack of water in summer and by harvesting carried out in ideal conditions. A very intense colour, hardly developed. A complex bouquet which reveals little; spices, liquorice, cedar wood. The structure of delicate tannins is enormous, the flesh is full and rich. Very long in the mouth. A virile wine, a wine with a future which can develop in the cellar over many long years, but which may, even so, be drunk as from today.

Italy: 1986 - A very good year. Wine with a great balance, full, refined, intense perfume. A very rather production because a violent hailstorm in spring destroyed the crops.

Bordeaux:1988 - A year which was marked by a great lack of water in summer and by harvesting carried out in perfect conditions. 1988 is a vintage typical of the Médoc. Built like a Romanesque cathedral with all that is necessary to seduce in conditions of austerity. A very generous, wild bouquet with hints of red fruits, roast, pear, bilberry, fur, liquorice. Full and concentrated in the mouth, it is stout and very munchy. An imposing finish. A wine which will benefit greatly as it ages.

Italy:1988 - A very good year. A deep ruby colour. Very good concentration. In the mouth, enough tannins, but harmonious and elegant, gently bitterish. A superb balance and strong structure. Fresh and intense perfume. Well -balanced longevity.

Bordeaux:1989 - An exceptional year with the earliest harvesting of the century. An intense colour. A bouquet with complex aromas of burnt wood, spices, coffee and ripe fruits. Admirable in the mouth for the melting tannins and the velvetiness of its texture. A fleshy tight-knit structure which opens out fully. Wonderfully persistent in the mouth. To be drunk now and to be laid down.

Italy:1989 - An exceptional year. A full- bodied wine, with a superb balance, a wonderful structure and a powerful caracter. A complex bouquet of crystallized aromas. May still be kept for several years.

Wein Bordeaux Grand Cru 1980 Wein Bordeaux Estephe 1981 Wein Barolo 1982 Wein Brunello Jahrgang 1983 Wein Saint Emilion Jahr 1984 Wein Brunello di Montalcino 1985 Wein Barbaresco Jahr 1986 Wein Barolo Piemont Jahr 1987 Wein Pomerol Kult Jahr 1988 Wein Bordeaux Jahrgang 1989

All vintages of the eighties: famous bordeaux wines from 1980, 1981, the italian wines Barolo and Brunello from 1982 and 1983, a Saint Emilion french red wine from 1984 and a wine from Tuscany from 1985, Barbaresco and Barolo from 1986 and 1987 and very interesting french claret from 1988 and 1989.

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