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Old and rare wines
The great vintages of the fourties

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Terra e sole offers you access to some of the greatest wines.

Sassicaia and Tignanello from Tuscany, Barbaresco Gaja and Marchesi di Barolo from Piedmont, Chateau Margaux and the other Grand Crus from Bordeaux, are only some of the labels you can find in the following pages.

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Old wine bottles are often irreplaceable.

Vintage wines are much sought-after by collectors and amateurs.
 As years go, vintage wines developed themselves toward more balanced in which the terroir and the winemaker skills can be fully expressed.

The most interesting vintages of the fourties for wine collectors are:

Bordeaux: 1943 - A very good year. Average quantity. Brilliant wine. Very amber-coloured. A discreet, complex bouquet. A finish combining hints of pepper and wild mushrooms. A long and well-structured flavour.

Bordeaux:1945 - An exceptional year. Small harvest. A very developed amber colour. A rich bouquet of fruit, bitter chocolate and mocha. Well balanced in the mouth with melting, elegant tannins. A wonderfully deep, concentrated wine.

Italy: 1945 - A very good year. A full- bodied wine, silky,with a great perfume.

Bordeaux: 1947 - A very good year. Average quantity. Very brilliant, fine, well developed colour. A bouquet tending to oxidation; coffee and the farmyard. In the mouth, the wine is full, round, mature and melting. Splendid finish.

Italy: 1947 - An exceptional year. A full- bodied wine, with a superb balance, a wonderful structure and a powerful caracter.

Bordeaux: 1949 - A very good year. Average quantity. Very brilliant, wonderfully intense. A bouquet of average intensity. In the mouth, the wine is full of flavour with deliciously ripe, melting tannin. An elegant, rather dry finish.

Wein Mouton Rothschild 1943 Wein Saint Emilion Jahrgang 1942 Wein Chateau Angelus Jahrgang 1940 Wein Barolo Borgogno Jahrgang 1947 Wein Barolo Marchesi Jahrgang 1941

Rare vintage wines from Bordeaux of 1943, 1942, 1940 and from Piemont of 1947, 1941

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