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The wines of the years 1930 - 1939 are now very rare.
The years 1940 - 1949 show the difficulties of the period of war.
The years 1950 - 1959 is the period when the winemaking depends on the weather conditions.
In the years 1960 - 1969 the traditionel Bordeaux wine trading companies like Barriere, Hanapier, Barton lose their influence. Even the less important Chateaux begin to bottle the wines on their own (Chateau bottled).
The years 1970 - 1979 were often underrated years in Bordeaux and Piedmont.
In the years 1980 - 1989 increase the success and the speculation of the most famous wines of the world.
In the years 1990 - 1999 the better know how of winemaking get the wine prodution more independent of the weather conditions.
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Our old wines are often purchased directly from the cellars of famous wineries. Only after carefully scrutinizing the storage conditions and examing the bottles do we put these up for sale.The bottles are usually available in small quantities since the wines are hard to find.


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